I thank God who has given me the opportunity to enroll in church growth institute as a student. It is a divine arrangement for me to come in contact with the chancellor of the institute', Dr. Francis Akin John. Church growth institute stands out by the quality of its lecturers and the intellectual and spiritual levels of the lectures. I have come to know more deeply the principles of church planting and growth.

The institute taught us many courses during the three semesters with additional courses on praise dynamics and Christian home all of which impacted knowledge, skills and Christian values to the students. These courses made me to experience the realities of God’s call upon my life.

My relationship with my wife has changed since I joined this institute, before I don’t create time to play with my wife and children but the president of church growth institute said your home comes first after God.

Our church is making a great impact and mark in the community. Through the teachings I received I was able to mobilize and organize my workers together and we did prayer walk round the entire community with powerful declarations and decrees to break down evil altars that have long held our church to ransom. This exercise has brought spiritual revival among the youths.

Through the teachings I received in church growth institute, I fall in love with books more than ever especially the ones on leadership and church growth. As a result I have bought many books, teaching tapes, conferences materials. My new romance.





My prayer like before is not good as I want but when I come in contact with Church growth lecture. What I first discover is that they have forty percent lecture and sixty percents prayer this one make me to seat tie, that I must make something out with my prayer life, I don't know how to pray ajigigaja prayer before, but we finished first semester I can take note that I have changed in my prayer life. With this I can notice also that people also take note of this in me, some people, always say, when I conduct a prayer that I touch their life, after some will say you really change us with your prayer today, with this I am giving all glory to almighty God.





Ever Before coming in contact with church growth, I have been managing the family the way I thought it is best, but church growth threw light on it, I have come to understand that time spent with wife and children is not time wasted, rather it is time invested.

It is now so clear to me that no matter the level of anointing on any man if his family is not even organized he cannot handle or organize the church of God well. And that when the spirit of your wife is not with you, god will hardly hear you.

So church growth has made me to real have a second thought over my life and family, which I am now having the best of time with. I have come to appreciate the fact that what one does not know is capable of killing him. Church growth therefore is an eye opener, I don't actually know what any pastor who has not attended it will be preaching or ministering no matter his theological background.

Up till this moment it is still a surprise to all the family members as to what must have happened. The full support of my wife in my ministry is no more a day dream, it has become a reality.





I thank God Almighty who in his infinite mercy has not allowed me to decay physically and spiritually in my ignorance because, without growth, decay and death will set in. The Lord in his divine arrangement use African Institute of church growth to bring life growths and changes into my personal life.

lnfact, I can boldly say I met the Lord in this institute. Before now, I thought with my school certificate I can't do anything but church growth institute has thought me on how to improve and upgrade myself. I now read books, I mean good books by good authors that can bring growth, changes and improvement to my life, I cherish them and they are really improving my intellectual. Moreover, I now know my God given vision for my life and ministry, and how to use it to bring growth to my church. Long ago, the Lord had been pointing me to my area of calling but, I didn't know. I kept observing that each time I consciously or unconsciously do it, it usually bring good report and people testify to it and I find it easy doing it. I never knew God was calling me to work for him in his vine yard in that particular area at all.

Knowledge is actually power. I came to church growth and my eyes was opened through the dynamic spirit filled lecturers in the institute and my God given vision for my life was made more clearer and brighter through their teachings and prayers amidst lectures, this is marvelous.



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