Advance Diploma


  1. CHURCH GROWTH FOUNDATION:- It is a course that gives a biblical and balanced definition and description to church growth, with brief history of its origin. It introduces students to what is called “wholistic church growth knowledge”.
  2. POWER OF VISION:- This course helps ministers to revisit the subject in a way that’s church growth related. The course reveals the direct correlation between church growth and vision.
  3. CHURCH PLANTING:- This course introduces ministers to effective strategies for church planting. It also reveals the important place that church planting occupies in the fulfillment of great commission.
  4. SPIRITUAL WARFARE:- It is a course that helps ministers to have a better understanding about spiritual warfare. The course also establishes that healthy church growth answers to healthy practices of spiritual warfare.
  5. CHURCH GROWTH MINISTER:- It is a course that addresses the lives of ministers in relation to church growth. One of the fundamental principles that this course established is that both the quality and quantity of the growth of ministers determine the growth of the church.
  6. MEASURING YOUR CHURCH FOR GROWTH:- This is a course that help ministers to evaluate their churches in relation to growth. It is more of a technical course that reveals the technical aspects of the church.
  7. LEADING YOUR CHURCH TO GROWTH:- This courses reveals the place of dynamic leadership to growth. The course establishes that churches grow better when their ministers grow in their leadership skill.
  8. WARFARE PRAYER:- This is another course that shares purpose with spiritual warfare. It is a course that treats the subject of prayer from the perspective of warfare.
  9. STRATEGY FOR GROWTH:- Growth answers to strategies . This course reveals the important of strategies to church growth. And also provides some working strategies.
  10. SIGNS AND WONDERS:- It is course that explains the important of signs and wonders to church growth. And how one can operate successfully on this realm.
  11. SPIRITUAL GIFTS FOR CHURCH GROWTH:- This course opens the inner eyes of ministers to their spiritual potentials that are in their lives undiscovered. And the place of the Holy Spirit in the exercising of one’s spiritual gift.
  12. FINANCIALLY BOUYANT CHURCH:- It is a course that introduces ministers to the subject of money in the church. How to make it, manage it and multiply it.

The two year Associate’s degree requires 90 quarter credit hours. The student, after satisfactorily completing the requirements for the Diploma in Church Growth, should be able to:

  1. Develop an understanding of the role of “servant-hood”
  2. Be successful in leading their church/ ministry to growth
  3. Be pioneers/ understands what it reqire to grow in ministry
  4. Distinguished between church and ministry
  5. Be successful in staffing their church/ ministry
  6. Know how to market, brand and position their church/ ministry for growth
  7. Build their ministry from ground zero all the way up


Graduate Diploma


This programme is created to help ministers with leadership skill. We discovered through research that one can be a good minister, yet a bad leader.

  1. YOU AND YOUR LEADERSHIP:- It is a course that introduces ministers to the subject of leadership especially in the church. The course helps ministers to develop their leadership skill.
  2. THE CHURCH TODAY:- This course is a comprehensive revelation of the church, that reveals so many hidden but practical features of the church to ministers.
  3. RELATIONSHIP AND RELATIONAL SKILL:- This course helps ministers to sharpen their relational skill – so that they can relate effectively with people they are send to preach the gospel to.
  4. SUCCESS IN MINISTRY:- In a world systems where there are so many misconceptions about success in ministry. This course helps pastors to have the revelation of biblical success. And apply the same to be able to avoid failures that are so rampant among ministers.
  5. DISEASES OF CHURCH LEADERS:- It is a course that reveal possible weakness among church leaders that are termed as diseases, and the way to healing.
  6. LEADERS AND FAMILY LIFE:- This course reveals that ministers family comes first before the church. Failure at home gives birth to failure at church.
  7. COMMUNICATION SKILL:- This course helps ministers to develop their communication skill, so that ministers can effectively and efficiently communicate the gospel.
  8. THE REAL CHURCH LEADERS TODAY:- This course helps ministers to know and imbibe good and godly leadership styles.
  9. CHURCH ADMINISTRATION:- It is a course that helps ministers acquire the skill of able coordination, motivation governing and monitoring of God’s people, money and materials for effective implementation of great commission.
  10. 22 LAWS OF GROWTH:- It is a course that establishes 22 dynamic laws for church growth. It gives direction to minister on where to channel their energy for growth.
  11. LEADERS AND UNDER LEADERS:- This course helps ministers to know how to relate with their under leaders for maximum production and how to create a right atmosphere for growth among under leaders.
  12. COUNSELING MINISTRY:- It is a course that deals with counseling which enables a minister to become a capable and credible counseling for a wholistic ministry

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of the content and teachings of Scripture
  • Articulate an understanding of basic Christian doctrines as related to church growth
  • Evidence a knowledge of Christian tradition and practices
  • Be grounded in the basic prerequisites for healthy leadership
  • Articulate proper church organogram and structure for healthy growth
  • Evidence growth and development in spiritual discipline
  • Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong enrichment


Post Graduate



The courses in this class are tailored to expose ministers to church health. Healthy churches grow and growing churches are healthy churches.

  1. DYNAMICS OF PERSONAL GROWTH:- It is a course that deals with the person of a minister as it relates to his personal growth which will have an effect an the growth of his ministry.
  2. CHURCH PATHOLOGY:- It is a course that looks into the healthysituation of the church. Helps ministers to diagnose church diseases and provide the needed spiritual medication.
  3. FRUITFUL AND FULFILLING MINISTRY:- It is a course that revealsalmost every aspect of ministry in a way that every minister can discover his ministry and fulfill it.
  4. SUPERNATURAL POWER FOR CHURCH GROWTH:- Growth is natural and growth is supernatural. This course helps ministers to discover what they need to do for supernatural to occur in their churches.
  5. GROWING A VIBRANT AND HEALTHY CHURCH:- It is a course that reveals what it takes to build a vibrant and healthy church.
  6. INTERCESSION FOR LEADERS:- Intercession is standing in the gap on behalf of others. Intercession for leaders help ministers to see the need for the prayer support of others.
  7. THE CELL CHURCH:- It is a course that addresses the subject of small groups in the church. And how it contributes to the overall growth of the church like a cell.
  8. EVANGELISTIC CHURCHES:- This course exposes evangelism to ministers, and it also reveals what it takes to build an evangelistic church.
  9. KINGDOM ENCOUNTER:- Ministers are called to be kingdom ministers. A kingdom minister has kingdom lifestyles, preaches the gospel of the kingdom, and uses kingdom principles. These and many more are what this course offer.
  10. CITY TAKING STRATEGIES:- “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit come upon you, and you will be my witnesses from Jerusalem to Judea, to Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the world” (Acts 1:8). This is Jesus assignment, it involves taking the cities of our nations for God. This is what this course offers.
  11. CHURCH RATIO:- It is a course that helps the ministers to see the church with the eyes of God, from the mathematical reference that’s called ratio.
  12. HEALTHY LEADERSHIP:- “Churches don’t lack people in positions of leadership, but what churches lack is healthy leadership in their leaders”. This course ministers to become healthy leaders.

The one year certificate requires 45 quarter credit hours. The student, after satisfactorily completing the requirements for the certificate, should be able to:

  1. Be healthy spiritually to pioneer and lead a healthy congregation.
  2. Understand how to increase for Kingdom advancement
  3. Become a leader of leaders
  4. Understands the dynamics of personal growth.




At this level, our students are more involved in research work and analyzing the church and key factors for growth as it relates to leadership.

  1. THE CHURCH MORE THAN DATES AND DOGMA:- It is a research studies on the church that reveal the church to ministers beyond those things that have been written or taught before now. It gives current and correct information about the church.
  2. THE PERSONAL GROWTH JOURNEY:- This course makes the subject of personal growth to be progressive and unending.
  3. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY:- As the subject of research work is a must for all our students who are graduating for our Ph.D degree in church growth and ministry. This course  guides them on how to make a good research.
  4. PERCULIAR PROBLEMS OF AFRICAN LEADERS:- It is a course an in leadership that makes African leaders it’s primary focus. The course also provides answers to some challenges facing leadership in Africa.
  5. SUPER PASTOR MODULE 3:- It is a course that helps ministers to move from the office of a pastor to being a ranchor. It helps ministers to know how to move the church from 100 – 1000s.
  6. RUNNING AN EFFECTIVE MINISTRY:- It is a course that helps ministers to strike the needed balance between church ministry and personal ministry.
  7. REAL MEN:- Real men are very rare. Most men don’t come to church. Why? This is the question that this course answers for ministers. It also helps ministers to have a broader knowledge of men.
  8. WRITING MINISTRY:- It is a course that equips ministers with writing ability. It also reveals how ministers can become good authors.
  9. PREACHING MINISTRY:- It is not everyone who stand behind the pulpit that’s a good preacher. This course explains what it takes for ministers to become great preachers.
  10. TEACHING MINISTRY:- It is a course that helps ministers with good teaching skills.
  11. DELIVERANCE MINISTRY:- In these days of evolution and operation of demonic forces. Ministers need a biblical based, balanced teaching on deliverance ministry. This is what the course offers.
  12. STRATEGIC CHURCH PLANNING AND RESEARCH:- It is a course that helps minister to know how to make planning and research parts of strategy for church growth.
  13. PROPHETIC/EVANGELISTIC MINISTRY:- This course explain the ministry of prophets and evangelistic in a very clear manner. And it reveals the correlation between the two.
  14. APOSTOLIC MINISTRY:- It is a course on Apostolic ministry who are the true Apostles? What are they called to do? Signs of an apostle. All these are well treated in this course.
  15. HANDLING CONFLICT AND CRISIS IN THE CHURCH:- Conflicts and crisis are part and parcel of the church. Unfortunately many ministers have mismanaged it. This course gives ministers biblical principles to handling conflict and crisis.
  16. STRATEGIC DISCIPLESHIP PROCESS:- How do people grow from one stage of spiritual growth to another? The course strategic discipleship process answers this questions for ministers of God.
  17. THE COMMUNITY CHURCH:- 1-5km radius of every church is part of the church. The church cannot live in isolation from the community. The total church formation are – the core- the committed – the congregation – the crowd – the community:- This course explains all this and establishes the purpose of the church in every community.

The one year doctorate class requires intensive work and student involvement. The student, after satisfactorily completing the requirements for the certificate, should be able to:

  1. Be to understand miniterial constituencies and maintain his/her own.
  2. Have at least established two or more additional braches to the church.
  3. understands church impact on the church immediate community and beyond
  4. Understands the dynamics of the church staying forcefully relevance with consistent growth.